Thinking Outside of the Box

A robotic approach will never allow you to stretch your innate, creative muscle.

We’re not talking abut the brushstrokes on a canvas or writing a symphony, but rather creative thinking, problem solving, and searching for a proper outcome that wasn’t prescribed.

There are moments throughout your professional career where you are met with challenges that will require a different side of yourself. Is it better to play it safe? Go by the book? Are you worried about ruffling feathers?

Complex problems require creative solutions.

If you’re stuck or finding the same results keep coming back to you, the way forward may be something slightly less familiar — albeit slightly uncomfortable. Do you need to change your approach? Do something daring? Go against the grain of your own mind? Something outside of your job description, responsibilities, or office hours?

Recruiting is oftentimes an industry where many take the following approach in their day-to-day:

  • “Bill & Fill”

  • Meet a quota

  • Find a candidate based on blanket search instead of “true fit”

  • Casting a wide net without attention to detail of the individual

  • Robotic approach devoid of personable approach

This is something we’ve consciously worked to break as a norm for our industry. Placing a premium on the connection with people isn’t something that is given to you when you sign up to be a recruiter.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.”

- Steve Jobs

If you’re looking for an inspirational story to start your day, week, month, check out this short podcast with one of our favorite recruiting stories.

How To Know If You're Working With The Right Recruiter

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Sourcing a recruiter that fits the brand/becomes a true extension of your brand, brings service after they’ve placed a candidate, and one that stays connected takes time to find.

Also, if you’re coming to the table as the candidate working with a recruiter, there are a few best practices and questions to keep handy in vetting the right person to work with.

So, we’ve compiled some thoughts on working with a recruiter in both settings.

The Client

Know the Recruiter’s Background

  • Understand where they come from and why they can make a difference for you. Just because someone says they have “worked in recruiting” doesn’t make them a one size fits all

  • References - Check a specific reference that will give you insight into the position they will be working to fill for you

    • Bonus: Ask the recruiter to provide references where a position was filled and where a position wasn’t filled. It’s good to understand how they’ve handled different outcomes/instances.


  • Make sure they are digging deep into your company’s culture to understand what makes you different. Do they know the right fit for you as they are sourcing? Can they communicate this back to you with ease?

Fulfilling Self-Imposed Deadlines

  • Oftentimes you’ll find recruiters who over-promise. Thus, hold your recruiter accountable. Make sure they are following up on their deadlines

  • Are they just “billing and filling?” Understand if they are setting the right expectations for your needs

Service After The Sale

  • Do they follow up after a candidate has been placed? This person is an extension of your brand and you want to make sure they communicate your company/brand ideals throughout the process

  • What was the experience from the candidates side? Get an idea from your candidates who work with your recruiter and see what their experience was


The Candidate

If you’re in the seat of working with a recruiter as your intermediary to a hiring manager, there several things to keep in check. Just like from the company side, a recruiter becomes an extension of your personal brand. Make this your checklist for the recruiter you want to work with next:

“Why The Call?”

  • Do they have a reason? Make sure they aren’t just sifting through resumes (i.e. Billing & Filling) to see if you’re interested. Put them to the test and see if they know more about you and your work history

"How Did You Find Me?” 

  • A good recruiter should be using the right tools to source candidates. If they found you through genuine research, this will rise to the top. This is a great first question to ask from your seat for any recruiter

Detailed Questions?

  • Are they asking detailed questions about your background and experience? They should essentially know your resume as well as you do. If they have a key interest in your work experience, they shouldn’t make you repeat your past work experience verbatim

“Can You Explain The Role?” 

  • You’ll want to hear about the role in their words. What does it entail? Can they tell you about the day-to-day? What are the KPIs?

    • Key Questions:

      • Is this position a backfill?

      • Why is the position open?

Are They Helping You Along The Way?

  • How often is a recruiter checking in on your? Are they giving you regular updates and checking in even if there isn’t any major progress or movement? Working with a recruiter who cares more about your personal well-being goes a long way.

Resume Advice - Giving Feedback On The Bad & Good

  • A recruiter that helps you prepare for the position at hand will give you the good, bad, and the ugly. If your recruiter isn’t giving you any feedback — both positive and where improvements can be found, then you’ve got some room to grow

    • One major thought: See if your recruiter can help you with your resume by offering advice on how to “write the best resume” for the position they are working on.

Working with a recruiter from both sides of the coin can take some forethought. Keep these lists in mind the next time you’re on either side working with a recruiter.

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