By next year, close to 50% of the workforce in our country will be made up of Millennials. (We’re talking about professionals today who were born between 1981-1996.)

The most inclusive generation. The most tech-savvy. The unicorn-like when it comes to general management and retention — there are dozens of “millennial-isms” that we all throw around.

Some of the most important aspects of professional life for a millennial pale in comparison to previous generations. A few key things we’ve learned over the years —

  • Millennials give remote work high value — both in current positions and when job searching

  • Quality of the workplace matters significantly in job satisfaction

  • Accelerated opportunity to grow in a position is paramount when making a career move/decision

  • Inclusion in company decisions, feeling valued on the team, and being heard are major components for the Millennial generation when it comes to job satisfaction

  • Lastly, millennials are constantly seeking ROI — but not an investment of self, rather an investment of their time

Time is the most important thing you can give someone in today’s world — leaders have to recognize this. We all have less margin than we’ve ever had.

If you’re in a leadership position in your company, the collective letter from the Millennial generation is this:

Time, while finite, is the mechanism that drives us. The more our time is valued, the more you’ll see us unlock every bit of potential our generation is capable of. Return on Time (RoT) is the true differentiator.

Hear Mike and Matt’s perspectives on hiring practices, management styles, and expectations of millennials on this episode of The Spirecast.

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